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All posts tagged "determiner phrase"

  • Grammatical Forms of English Determiner Phrases

    A determiner phrase is a phrase in which at least one determiner functions as the head of the phrase plus any...

    English DeterminersHeather JohnsonJune 20, 2014
  • Using Determiner Phrases as Determinatives

    Belonging to a closed class of function words, determiners provide information such as familiarity, location, quantity, and number about a noun,...

    English DeterminersHeather JohnsonOctober 23, 2013
  • Using P-words as Particles

    P-words are defined as prepositions and adverbs that no longer perform prepositional or adverbial functions. P-words are function words, which are...

    English P-wordsHeather JohnsonAugust 26, 2013
  • The Particle in English Grammar

    Grammatical FunctionHeather JohnsonJuly 13, 2013

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