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All posts tagged "determiner phrase"

  • Grammatical Forms of English Determiner Phrases

    A determiner phrase is a phrase in which at least one determiner functions as the head of the phrase plus any...

    English DeterminersHeather JohnsonJune 20, 2014
  • Using Determiner Phrases as Determinatives

    Belonging to a closed class of function words, determiners provide information such as familiarity, location, quantity, and number about a noun,...

    English DeterminersHeather JohnsonOctober 23, 2013
  • Using P-words as Particles

    P-words are defined as prepositions and adverbs that no longer perform prepositional or adverbial functions. P-words are function words, which are...

    English P-wordsHeather JohnsonAugust 26, 2013
  • The Particle in English Grammar

    Particles are function words that express grammatical relationships with other words. Function words are words that perform definite grammatical functions but...

    Grammatical FunctionHeather JohnsonJuly 13, 2013

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